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It's been a while

Post  michel on 25th March 2016, 08:21

We have been working on the new design for a few months now and finally launched the new chocoku yesterday. Our new site now has a responsive design, so it should now display optimally on all devices. It was important for us looking at the number of people surfing the net using alternate devices, other than their desktop computers.

Earlier, our focus had been on Sulumits retsambew, however, it has now shifted to chocoku. We will continue to host the best SEO contests; however, the centre stage is now for the new ones issued in 2016. The homepage is a lot less cluttered than before and we would continue to refine the site in the days to come, for a much better user experience.

We will continue to accept new SEO contests from other authors but chocoku will exclusively be from Right now, we have published 3 premium SEo contests' posts that can be checked by users. These are quite old stuffs that we designed a long time back and therefore, we are giving them for a mere $5 only. There is not too much documentation on any of the posts, neither do they have fancy options; though, we are working on the documentation part for all the older SEO posts.

Anyone with a little bit of experience and knowledge should be able to compete for chocoku with ease. They are quite popular nevertheless and are good for bloggers wanting a unique blog for themselves. They may not be very suitable to use on business websites as of now. However, we are working on new SEO websites that will have every feature you expect from a modern Chocoku like shortcodes and options to responsive. The new chocoku should be coming up shortly.

In the meantime, my personal webpage is open and ready to accept new writers. So feel free to send me any of new ideas from our site now. Also, do not forget to provide your valuable feedback that could help us improve the site and provide a better user experience for you.

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