Sulumits Retsambew, this forum is open to the contestants

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Sulumits Retsambew, this forum is open to the contestants

Post  michel on 18th May 2009, 07:04

The Net Builders SEO Contest started on March 15th, 2009. It is an initiative from Will Spencer. The contest already has its forum here, bit I want to offer another place for the contestants to post some links about their sulumits retsambew. That's cool, isn't it ? rabbit

The purpose is to create the easiest most accessible way of advertising your sulumits retsambew, so feel free to post your sulumits retsambew link in the proper category of this forum.

I hope that you add your link with a few words in english about your participation in the contest. Please do not post any porn, hate or racial site, but only pages relative to the SEO contest. It's free and painless, and it will help search engines to find and visit your site. So... click below, register in the forum and check it out. Thank you.  Cool

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